Saints At The Age Of 9 and 10: The Story Of Saints Francisco and Jacinta Marto

Two visionaries of Fatima – Francisco and Jacinta Marto – became the youngest canonized saints in the history of the Catholic Church on May 13, 2017. Although St. Francisco lived  only 10 years,  St. Jacinta – 9, and tending sheep in the fields of Fatima was their primary work, both of them can be examples of holiness for all of us today.

Saints Francisco and Jacinta Marto in 1917.

Below is a video of a wonderful presentation made by Sister Angela de Fatima Coelho who was the postulator for the cause of canonization of St. Francisco and St. Jacinta and who therefore is one of the best experts when it comes to the lives of these two little saints. Sister Angela not only presents how the apparitions helped the children to become saints but also tells a lot of inspiring stories from their lives that cannot be found anywhere else. She also presents some interesting details about the bodies of St. Francisco and St. Jacinta after their death, such as the smell of flowers that surrounded the body of St. Jacinta immediately after her death, the “disappearance” of St. Francisco’s body from the grave during the first attempt of exhumation and how St. Francisco’s father knew that the bones found during the second exhumation belonged to St. Francisco.

The presentation was made during the conference organized by the Marians of the Immaculate Conception in Stockbridge, MA on May 12, 2018.